Las Venturas Playground 28.2 - Fresh fixes!

posted by cake on Friday, May the 27th at 8:32 PM
Hello all!

A new update has been released for our server, LVP 28.2, containing loads of fixes and small features:

- 37f5f85: Allow players to set their skin using /my skin [Id]. A list of skin Ids can be found here.

- 0e6b7c3: Fix random exploding SprayTag vehicles when spawned.

- f93b56f: Fix a race-bug where a race would end prematurely.

- 54f0af3: Fix a ship-bug where players on the ship during killtime would have godmode.

- 52d45f0: Place Peter's vehicle back at the usual spot.

- 0390a55: Updated streamer plugin to v2.8.1.

- Disabling of /taxi and /kill in the VIP room.

- Various cleanups regarding the LVP10 anniversary code (/lvp10 --> /lvp).

- Various feature rewrites to JavaScript by Xanland.

- Countless commits by Russell concerning the JavaScript part of the gamemode (TextLabelManager, JS natives for Pawn, ObjectManager, ScopedEntities, MinigameManager).

- A great amount of commits by George concerning the LVP website.

On behalf of everyone at Las Venturas Playground,

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Instructions on joining our server can be found here