Las Venturas Playground

posted by Peter on Tuesday, May the 24th at 11:23 PM
More than 980 people joined the server last weekend to celebrate the tenth birthday of Las Venturas Playground. It was an absolute blast: 2,659 minigames were played, 9,628 people got killed and 2,623 people died of natural causes.

These numbers are astonishing to me, but they are absolutely trivial compared to all the activity I have seen in the past ten years. LVP has 118,827 registered players, 65 volunteers who help to run the server and 413 VIPs. 113 people spent more than a thousand hours on the server. Let that sink in for a little bit: a thousand hours. Incredible!

In the same period of time, 6,155 commits were made by 34 authors improving the gamemode, website, infrastructure and forums. Talking about the forums, almost half a million posts were contributed by all of you, a staggering number, and let’s not forget about the tree planted in LVP’s honour either.

More than five hundred donations were received since LVP started accepting them in 2007- the server was sponsored until that point. After some financial hardship at first, your donations have led the way for the community to be financially healthy, own its own infrastructure and give back to the volunteers and the community through gifts and competitions. Thank you so much.

I’m incredibly proud of what all of you have enabled Las Venturas Playground to become, and wish I could have maintained my activity as the years passed. It’s impossible for me to express my gratitude- keep it up the fantastic job!

Finally, It's my privilege to share that MrBondt and Russell have joined Sander and Badeend as co-owners of the community. You’re in the very capable hands of these fine gentlemen, so let’s finish with some of their personal words on the past ten years.

Badeend: Soon after Peter had started a SA-MP server Sander managed to drag me into all of this. I don't really remember how that happened, but I guess it did. It was still a Dutch server with mainly Dutch players from the Gathering of Tweakers community, but soon it started growing and going international. After a while Peter promoted me to administrator.
I have done many different things in those 10 years, from development of the gamemode to creating some logos, building 'Boteend' and tools to help keep an eye on the server and its crew. Later I became less active ingame, but have always been around on IRC. Lately I've been picking up the game again and having great fun ingame from time to time. And in the meantime trying to keep a global eye on LVP's daily activities, server, crew and developments.

Sander: When I started to play I was one of the first group of daily players on the server ".Peter's server", later called "GoT Server" and finally we became known as Las Venturas Playground.
With the growing number of players, crew was needed to guide everything and everybody. Too bad for some of you, I was one of the lucky ones.
Not long after my promotion to admin I became management. Main task was general day to day management, keeping peace between crew and players, keeping the server running, restarting, etc.
When we started with donations for VIP status, I took the task of Donation Manager on me.
The last few years I'm not very active in-game or LVP-community-related, but I'm still active managing the server, services and our financials.

MrBondt: I joined Las Venturas Playground soon after it changed its course from a Dutch server to an international SA-MP server. I started, like most of the crew, as a normal player. I really liked cruising around San Andreas while chatting with people. Later my attention shifted to IRC, where the Nuwani bots were intriguing me and I developed my own bots to interact with them and the players ingame. Eventually, I was promoted to mod (we still had them back then) and later administrator. I kept developing my bots which got me promoted to Management, where I took up the maintenance of the Nuwani bots. Later this expanded to the website and servers as well, giving me the official position of Technical Officer. Players and VIPs might not know me too well, as I do most of my work in the background. Exactly the way I like it ;)

Russell: So far my contributions have focused on writing code for our gamemode and services, but since last weekend I’ll be an advisor for the staff management and hope to broaden my involvement further. We’ve got great players, a great staff and a large community backed by good technology, and I’m humbled to have been invited to make it even better!

Thanks, and on to the next ten years!

Peter, founder of Las Venturas Playground
Badeend and Sander, founders and co-owners of Las Venturas Playground
MrBondt and Russell, co-owners of Las Venturas Playground