LVP10 Contest Winners

posted by Joe on Monday, May the 23rd at 1:22 AM
It is my pleasure after this very successful 10th anniversary celebration to announce the winners of the contests that were held throughout the day.

The grand prize of an NVIDIA GTX 970 graphics card will go to Lash, having earned 7274 points, with 1,405 minigames played and 249 kills.

The second place prize will be awarded to the following five players in the contest. This prize will include their choice of a product up to 40 Euros in cost from, as well as VIP ingame if they do not already have it. These are clearly some of Las Venturas Playground's most valuable players, and the VIP status update is deserved if not already held. Winners will be contacted via forum PM within the coming days to arrange for their prizes to be delivered.

These players are:

  • [JOKEr]Jibin, with 6307 points from 1240 minigames, and 107 kills.
  • PacoBeanZ[Dx], with 5874 points from 1133 minigames, and 209 kills.
  • ThunderEmperor, with 5204 points from 1005 minigames and 179 kills.
  • TheDestroyer.tDR, with 3147 points from 628 minigames and 7 kills.
  • NightFury, with 3021 points from 576 minigames, and 141 kills.

In addition to these top 6 players, various other prizes were awarded throughout the day. As a result of random contests, [L]OLLIPOP and ChocoGirl have been given VIP on the server, and Lash was also given a personal property due to his winning of a VIP contest, while already being a VIP of the community. I'd also like to give a special shout-out to Sophia, who has been recording this weekend's events to capture the festivities for all to remember!

Thank you all for your participation, and thank you for making Las Venturas Playground the community that it is today.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management,