Introducing the new Las Venturas Playground Management

posted by MrBondt on Friday, November the 4th at 12:13 PM
Las Venturas Playground is one of the oldest SA-MP Servers still around, founded mere hours after the very first public release of San Andreas: Multiplayer. In five and a half years, we have more than 82,000 registered members whom, together, enjoyed 54,000 days of in-game time and killed 7,250,000 other players. Our forum has almost 400,000 posts, and our WhatPulse team reached the milestone of 1 billion keys today.

Those are impressive numbers, but as many of you will have noticed, in more recent times Las Venturas Playground has slowed down. Player counts have decreased significantly and general activity around our network is much lower than it used to be. It is time for a change, a breath of fresh air. Today, I'm happy to present a brand new Management for Las Venturas Playground!

Sander and Rutger will remain Senior Management, and continue their duties as owners of Las Venturas Playground. I, MrBondt, will take on the role of Strategic Manager, being responsible for strategical and technical aspects of the server. On top of that, there are three new members I'd like to introduce to you.

tBKwtWS - Staff Manager
Las Venturas Playground's recent wonderful increase of player counts should come together with new activity from the Staff. As our website states, "LVP is one of the largest SA-MP communities around on the internet", this is the time during which there should be Staff in-game to aid in upholding this reputation.

Recently, there have been a lot of comments on the rules, a debate about which has started within the Staff. Several good suggestions have been made and I am confident we can get the majority of them implemented. The Staff, as a whole, is going to get more influence in the decision making process and there will be much attention for input from the Staff, applying the ancient motto "The infantry should know what is going on at the battlefield". By having a more involved Staff who can deal with a much clearer Management structure, I hope we can improve our communication, bringing in ideas and criticism at a much faster pace. Eventually this will lead to more people in the community being heard.

Rien - Marketing Manager
I've taken on the duty of promoting Las Venturas Playground in an effort to attract new players, while keeping the current ones happy. I'm going to arrange for advertisements, actions and specials in light of this effort, for which I will be strongly working together with the other Managers. While we've only just started with researching opportunities to reach this goal, things will be going rather quickly so expect a lot of upcoming noise!

Ryan (MacSto) - External Activities Manager
I am pleased to be joining the Las Venturas Playground Management as the External Activities Manager. I will be working closely with the rest of the Management team to expand LVP's services to great lengths. Specifically, the non-GTA San Andreas services. However, this does not mean that I will not stay closely involved with SA:MP. I have already been working closely with the Management since April of this year with the Minecraft server, so I hope to make a smooth transition to Management and start carrying out my duties as soon as possible. I appreciate this opportunity, and I hope to make the most of your experience here as Las Venturas Playground.

Please join me in congratulating tBKwtWS, Rien and MacSto with their new positions! Furthermore, I'd like to thank Dennis, estroe, Fireburn, FiXeR, Harry, Lithirm, Matthias, ScarTissue[NL], slein and Wesley for the excellence with which they executed their duties as former Management Members of Las Venturas Playground. Each of them will remain active within the community and some will strongly cooperate with the new Management Members.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Management,