LVP Regular Server!

posted by Peter on Sunday, October the 14th at 11:48 PM
[{regonly}]The concept has been tried before, back in august 2006, and it failed terribly. Even though it did, a number of our administrators and Management members felt the need for a private server, a relaxed play with the regular players of Las Venturas Playground. In the past few weeks, we've worked pretty hard to create an automated system which allows you to play there whenever you feel like.

Offcourse, there are a number of different rules and facts about the server. You need at least 50 hours of in-game time in order to play on the private server, which is checked automatically on-join. However, since you are reading this topic, it's quite obvious that you meet this requirement. Another fact around the private server is an IRC Echo. Just like the normal server, a special echo channel has been created to follow the in-game chat, chat along or private-message other players. In order to join this channel, you have to send a specific message to Nuwani, which will invite you to the channel for you to join. Just typing the message in your mIRC console should be fine.

/msg Nuwani invite [{username}] [{userkey}]

Watch out though, your invite-code is private to you and should not be shared under any circumstances. If you, for whatever purpose, leak and/or share your key, your access to the private server will be denied until you have changed your password. Rules and restrictions still apply on the private server, however, due to it being private the environment will be alot more relaxed, there will be no noobs around and administrators will join the normal gameplay, rather then telling people to do things.

[td]HostName         [/td][td]Las Venturas Playground Regular[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Players0 / 25[/td][/tr]
[tr]Mode[td]Las Venturas Playground 2.81[/tr]

The amount of slots might be increased in the near future, based on the popularity of the server. Administrators have a set of additional rules to keep in mind when playing there, of which they have been informed as well. Have fun playing on the regular server, see you around :)

On behalf of the LVP Management,