LVP 2.93 - Let the gang mayhem begin!

posted by thiaZ on Saturday, October the 30th at 4:02 PM

Today, the biggest update since 2.90 has been released, LVP 2.93! There are tons of new features, the biggest one being the new gang handler. Gangs will be saved on our database after they have been created. There are 100 turfs in and around Las Venturas, ready to be taken by your gang!

If your gang manages to take both of the gang base turfs, you get a lot of special advantages and special stuff! You can capture turfs by standing in one for 3 minutes with at least 2 other members of your gang, the defending gang will have to kill the attackers to protect their turf.

Another nice feature is the new Run Weapon Team War minigame. It's similar to the WWTW minigame, 2 teams, red and blue, will spawn in the baseball stadium and have to kill each other. The first team that reaches the maximum score wins the RWTW.

From now on it's possible to play mapped derbies! Just test the 4 new pushout derbies. The old jail cells have been re-introduced as well!

LVP's economy has changed yet again! Our beta team has created an entirely new property layout all over San Andreas, to bring more excitement in the property hunting.

Just like in every other update we released, we fixed some bugs, for example drifting has been disabled due to the inaccurary score calculation. We've also fixed some bugs that can be abused, and improved the accuracy of the gamemode by updating the plugins and improving the code.

The full changelog of LVP 2.93 can be found here.

On behalf of the Las Venturas Playground Development Team,

Update: We've run into a couple of major problems, thus we have reverted to 2.92.9 until we've addressed the problems.