The Recession Hits Las Venturas Playground

posted by Jay on Friday, October the 1st at 7:36 PM
It hit the USA, Europe, Germany, Italy, Japan... well, most of the world.

Now it's LVP's turn.

We've always been able to brag about our riches: who has the most billions, who owns the most properties and who makes the most money every minute. Unfortunately those days are coming to an end, and it's only going to get worse.

LVP Businesses are suffering. Property earnings will no longer come in by the minute.
Banks are suffering. Despite the UK government helping them out again, they've had to introduce new rules and reduce limits.

Some have debated that this is only the beginning. As the weeks pass, experts have predicted more problems such as new taxes introduced, even lower property earnings and prices. Who knows that the future will hold?

But enough of the bad news, here's some other things that have changed:

- We've fixed some minor bugs with SaveInfo and Achievements
- Players can now toggle and control their own personal death messages!
- Area 69 SAMs are back up and running
- Players can now start Hide n Seek
- We've added an FPS counter

In addition, the fightclub handler has been excessively improved! Good news! You can now run up to 10 multimatch fights at once! There are over 8 new arenas, nicely working run weapon / walkweapon options, COD style fighting areas and more! A dialog has been added to control different options, the watch system has been improved, and admins can now properly control fights!

And finally, the best new feature of them all: The race builder. Good news, VIPs. You can now build races! Go ingame and type /race build. We've extensively improved internal ID assigning and deletion of races. If you encounter any problems please report them at this forum topic.

Oh, and a few boring changes for us admins too that you don't need to worry about. /property goto now supports names and admins are now recognised as regular players.

For more details and a full list of changes, please check out the changelog.

See you soon!

The Las Venturas Playground Development Team

Update 2nd October 2010: We had to revert back to the previous version because of some last minute problems with the weapon anti cheat. We've corrected those issues and made the weapon anticheat approximately 90% more accurate!