Las Venturas Playground v2

posted by Sander on Sunday, September the 27th at 9:00 PM
In the next few weeks we will start rolling out a new platform of services for and around Las Venturas Playground. Some of you will already have noticed some smaller bits about this; required forum-account and user account linking, random countdowns and possible hints towards the LVP 2.91 release.

Tonight we publish the initial announcements giving an insight in our plans and ideas. While we won't spoil too much information yet (sorry, no links, test-servers or screenshots yet!), it is possible for me to say that the new website will feature user profiles for all 71-thousand registered players, lots and lots of statistics, automated online-player lists and the possibility to log in to your account and change your preferences and settings. We will host an exciting contest with a prize that will significantly improve your gaming experience and publish a really cool promotional video to display some of the core functionalities of Las Venturas Playground. Of course, all your accounts (In-game, on the forums, TeamSpeak and WhatPulse) will be linked and combined statistics will be available on various places.

For Developers it'll be a good time as well. One of the foundations on which we wanted to build our website was sharing; almost everything that can be found on the new website will be available as XML feeds, including online lists, statistics and user profiles. This allows third-parties to create image signatures, IRC Bots and statistical applications to display your details in real-time. Most of these XML-API's have ready-to-go examples in various programming languages.

As for our San Andreas: Multiplayer game-server, we will update our hardware to a more powerful Intel® Xeon® Quad Core processor with double the harddrive space and memory as we have now. Together with the efforts of the Development Team to optimize the gamemode where possible, this will allow you to experience Las Venturas Playground with more users, however, half the lag.

So stay tuned about the announcements we'll be publishing over the next few weeks, it'll bring some large, exciting changes which will change Las Venturas Playground as a whole.