Two-Weekly Writeup

posted by Fireburn on Monday, September the 7th at 12:17 AM
Hi there, time for the fortnight update again.

A lot of work has been done on LVP for the past two weeks.
We've been adding a lot of new features and bug fixes to 2.91. We've rewritten the internal structure of the SaveInfo handler, which manages the saving of player data after they reconnect, such as spawn weapons, position, vehicles, etc.

As of now, we are focusing on 2.91 more so than 2.90 unless any major bugs occur. We're hoping to get LVP 2.91 released for the same day as the new Sanandreas Multiplayer version: 0.3.

But enough of 2.91, we've fixed a few bugs in 2.90 as well.
Matthias has fixed issues with the shiprail randomly disappearing, fixed issues with Killtime, improved vehicle anticheat detections, and increased the spawn ammo of the ShipTDM minigame.

We've also fixed issues with Achievements, improved one of the Casino Robbery spawn weapons to prevent desync, and added support for an additional six languages to an admin command to warn about speaking non english.

Within the coming two weeks, we'll continue developing 2.91 and include some more details on the next update.

On behalf of the Development Team,
Lead Developer