LVP 29.8!

posted by TEF on Tuesday, September the 6th at 1:26 AM
New features:

  • Feature-complete housing system (in final beta).
  • Las Venturas Playground now handles its own interior markers.
  • TEF's hidden property has been brought back to celebrate his return.
  • The /spm command has been added for Management members.
  • The /rampcar command has been added for Administrators (#262).


  • Sub-commands of /p and /my are now case insensitive (#290).
  • Delivering the Merchant vehicle will now yield much more money (#284).
  • The interior abuse messages for administrators have been removed (#293).

Bug fixes:

  • An important issue with the Merchant's vehicle collection has been fixed.
  • Sole exclamation marks won't be interpret as gang chat anymore.
  • Stealing a player's money from the revenge menu won't reduce your money (#292).
  • Chat within bomb shops will now be considered public (#288).

(LVP v29.8)

Be excited!