The Promulgation of Las Venturas Playground 30!

posted by TEF on Monday, September the 12th at 1:46 AM
Las Venturas Playground Presents: HOUSES!

After significant testing of the housing system, we are proud to promulgate the long-awaited update that brings the possibility of owning a house to every player! 

A house is exactly what the name reflects: a location, somewhere in San Andreas, that you own and of which you are in control. You are able to decide how your house looks, who is allowed access, and even what vehicle to park out front! You can also spawn there, if you so choose!

Each player is able to own a single house, but we are looking into extending this to up to three houses for our VIP members. The price of your house will be influenced by the location, as well as the interior you choose. There are no houses for sale in the red zone, unfortunately, but that still leaves plenty of other places for your house to become your home away from home.

In the future, houses will become much more than just a house. They will be able to store your money and weapons, become the basis of a sophisticated gang zone system, and will also enable you to customize your character with hats and glasses. Obviously, this involves a lot of work, but you can be expecting us to deliver additional features in the upcoming weeks and months.

So fire up San Andreas: Multiplayer, connect to Las Venturas Playground, and ask one of the administrators to create a house in your favorite locale!

On behalf of the amazing work done by our wonderful developers,
Total Epic Failure